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Title: Large Mat on Deep Compressible Soil

Author(s): J. P. Stewart, K. H. Pitulej, and H. S. Lacy

Publication: Symposium Paper

Volume: 152


Appears on pages(s): 245-264

Keywords: deformation; mat foundations; settlement (structural); foundations; soils; structural analysis; Design

Date: 3/1/1995

Describes the design of a load-compensated mat foundation on highly compressible soil. The mat was used to support over 800,000 square feet of variable height building. While the design of the mat was mostly routine, the behavior at the mat edges was difficult to determine. The deformations at mat edges were the major concern since they were influenced by the need to raise grades around the building perimeter. The design procedure incorporated soil-structure interaction analysis to determine the extent of lightweight fill zones required to control edge deformations. Settlement monitoring over a period of two years has confirmed the design approach.


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