Innovative Bridge Deck System Using High-Performance Fiber-Reinforced Cement Composites


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Title: Innovative Bridge Deck System Using High-Performance Fiber-Reinforced Cement Composites

Author(s): Antoine E. Naaman and Kulsiri Chandrangsu

Publication: Structural Journal

Volume: 101

Issue: 1

Appears on pages(s): 57-64

Keywords: bridge deck; cement; crack

Date: 1/1/2004

This study describes the basis for an innovative concept related to building better and more durable concrete bridge decks. The decks are assumed to be supported by beams of any structural material (for example, steel, concrete, and wood). The typical deck is made with high-performance fiber-reinforced cement composites (HPFRCC) and reinforced with only one layer of transverse (normal to the supporting beam axis) bottom reinforcing bars (steel or fiber-reinforced polymer [FRP]) for positive moment resistance. Thus, the reinforcement is as far away as possible from the top surface of the deck and protected from intrusion of corrosive agents. The HPFRCC is designed to: 1) balance part of the negative moment; 2) allow the development of an effective plastic hinge mechanism, with hinges forming at supports and in spans, under ultimate loading; and 3) keep crack widths extremely small under service conditions. A dramatically higher durability is expected. When the bottom reinforcement is prestressed, beneficial secondary moments are created at the supports, helping to improve overall performance. A brief summary of test results and analytical modeling is given in this paper.