Prefabricated Pumice Concrete Houses


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Title: Prefabricated Pumice Concrete Houses

Author(s): H.L. Mathews

Publication: Journal Proceedings

Volume: 44

Issue: 5

Appears on pages(s): 797-812

Keywords: none

Date: 5/1/1948

Lightweight precast slab construction was chosen for a 380-dwelling navy housing project in the Mojave Desert. Finished cost of these two-bedroom, single-family, single-story houses was $7,240, including air conditioning, gas heater, gas kitchen range, electric refrigerator, plumbing and electrical equipment. Pumice aggregate concrete weighing not more than 75 lb per cu ft, with 1500 psi 28-day strength, was specified. This paper gives sieve analysis of pumice aggregate, mix proportions and design, and thermal properties of pumice concrete. Assembly line production of the precast slabs is described, with details of handling, finishing and steam curing included. Time of each operation in the process is given. Assembling of the houses-setting, aligning and anchoring wallslabs, placing and joining roof slabs, installiing utilities conduits and placing the concrete floor-is described. Experiences with surface treatment for floors, roofs and both interior and exterior walls are recounted. Future of prefabricated concrete houses, pumice concrete in pariticular, is discussed.