Fiber Reinforced Concrete Properties


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Title: Fiber Reinforced Concrete Properties

Author(s): Surendra P. Shah and B. Vijaya Rangan

Publication: Journal Proceedings

Volume: 68

Issue: 2

Appears on pages(s): 126-137

Keywords: bond (concete to reinforcement);composite materials;compressive strength; cracking (fracturing);ductility;fiber reinforced concrete;fibers;flexural strength; mortars (material);reinforcing steels;research;stress-strain relationships;tensile strength.

Date: 2/1/1971

Mechanical properties of concrete and mortar reinforced with randomly distributed smooth steel fibers were investigated to understand the mechanism of fiber reinforcing. Different volumes, lengths, orintations and types of fibers were used. Fibbers were compared with conventional reinforcementin flexure, tesion and compression. It was observed that the significant reinforcing effect of fibers is derived after the cracks are initiated in the matrix, just as with conventional tensile and stirrup reinforcement. The post-cracking resistance of fibers is considerably influenced by their lengths, orintation, and stress-strain relationship. The spacing of rinforcement appears to have little influence on crack propagation below a certain length which in this investigation was about 1 in. The reinforcing action of fibers was analytically predicted by using the composite materials approach based on the properties of individual componets.