Blast Furnace Slag Aggregate in the Production of High-Performance Concrete


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Title: Blast Furnace Slag Aggregate in the Production of High-Performance Concrete

Author(s): M. N. Haque, O. A. Kayyali, and B. M. Joynes

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 153


Appears on pages(s): 911-930

Keywords: aggregates; blast furnace slag; compressive strength; shrinkage; silica fume; Materials Research

Date: 6/1/1995

The use of blast furnace slag aggregate (BFSA) is not new, but its application in the production of high-performance concrete (HPC) is nonexistent at least, in Australia. This paper presents the results of a preliminary optimization of the high-strength concretes made using BFSA, normal sand, portland cement, ground granulated blast furnace slag (GGBFS), condensed silica fume (CSF), and a proprietary superplasticizer. The paper also describes some additional characteristics of the optimized concretes. In all, 15 types of concretes were made. The properties examined were workability, density, compressive strength, elastic modulus, shrinkage, and water penetration. The maximum strength achieved using the slag aggregate was 107 MPa, which placed the slag aggregate concrete well into the very high strength range of concretes. The workability was found to be unaffected by the use of the slag aggregate. The tensile strength of the concrete was relatively high (5.4 Mpa); the shrinkage was found to be lower than concretes produced with normal aggregates, as was the water penetration and absorption. Of particular importance, the elastic modulus was found to be markedly lower than that of concretes made with normal aggregates. It is concluded that the slag aggregate can be used successfully in the production of high-performance, high-strength concrete.