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Title: Electrically Conductive Concrete and its Application in Deicing

Author(s): P. Xie and J. J. Beaudoin

Publication: Symposium Paper

Volume: 154


Appears on pages(s): 399-418

Keywords: carbon; compressive strength; concretes; conductivity; deicing; fiber reinforced concretes; fibers; flexural strength; heating; lightweight concretes; General

DOI: 10.14359/1057

Date: 5/1/1995

Presents basic information on a newly developed electrically conductive concrete. The concrete differs from previous inventions in that both high conductivity and mechanical strength are simultaneously achieved. The electrical and mechanical properties of the conductive concrete developed at Institute for Research in Construction, National Research Council of Canada are given. The material has superior electrical conductivity values and excellent mechanical strength. Experimental results of a laboratory-scale study on the application of conductive concrete to deicing and/or snow melting are presented in this paper. The results indicate that heat can be uniformly produced by the conductive concrete heating element when the element is activated by an external electric power supply. The new method is effective for deicing purposes. Power output of the conductive concrete heating element is stable over a wide range of temperature. The minimum heater power output required for deicing at various air temperatures was determined. This value is linearly dependent on the air temperature, ranging from 150 to 855 W/m 2 as air temperature varies from -5 C to -30 C.


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