Flexural Behavior of Slurry Infiltrated Fiber Concrete (SIFCON) Made Using Condensed Silica Fume


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Title: Flexural Behavior of Slurry Infiltrated Fiber Concrete (SIFCON) Made Using Condensed Silica Fume

Author(s): P. Balaguru and John Kendzulak

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 91


Appears on pages(s): 1215-1230

Keywords: cyclic loads; fiber reinforced concretes; flexural strength; metal fibers; plasticizers; prisms; silica; slurries; static loads.

Date: 2/1/1986

This paper presents the results of an experimental investigtion on the behavior of slurry infiltrated fiber concrete (SIFCON) prisms (beams) subjected to static and cyclic flexural loading. Altogether, 60 prism specimens were tested. The main objective of this investigation was to study the influence of fiber length, fiber volume and silica fume on the strength and ductility of SIFCON under static and cyclic flexural loading. The fibers used were steel fibers with hooked ends. The volume content of fibers varied from 4 percent to 12 percent. The fiber lengths were 30 mm, 40 mm, 50 mm and 60 mm. The slurry was made with and without silica fume. A high-range water reducing admixture (superplastisizer) was used in order to obtain a flowing slurry. The water/cement ratio was maintained at 0.30. The cube strength of slurry with silica fume averaged to 10.36 ksi (71.43 MPa). The slurry without silica fume had an average cube strength of 7.86 k s i (5 4 .2 0 MPa). The results of this investigation indicate that a very high flexural strength, in the order of 10,000 psi (69 MPa) can be obtained using SIFCON. The prisms (beams) are extremely ductile both under static and cyclic loading. The addition of silica fume increases the flexural strength. The percentage (magnitude) of increase is the same as the increase in the compressive strength of the slurry. Silica fume has no noticeable effect on the ductility of the beams.