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565 - Lunar Concrete

Committee Mission: Develop and report information on lunar concrete materials and supporting technology with a focus on in-place resource utilization.

Goals: 1. Develop publications focused on progressing lunar concrete materials out of in-place resources. 2. Focus on collaboration with NASA to align needs and research goals. Discuss challenges and demonstrate innovative solutions through the progression of design and certification standards. 3. Drive results-oriented and tangible advances in lunar concrete materials and supporting technology that addresses the unmet and critical needs that must be solved to build lunar infrastructure. 4. Collaborate with ACI committees and other professional organizations (e.g. ASCE) to reach a broader audience and raise awareness of the research field.

Chair: Aleksandra Radlinska

TAC Contact: Thomas Van Dam

Upcoming Open Meetings:
ACI Fall Convention 2024 - 11/5/2024 2:00 PM-3:00 PM Franklin 1,

Upcoming Convention Sessions:
Advances in Modeling for 3D Printing with Cementitious Materials: From Process Success to Product Performance
ACI Spring Convention 2025 - Toronto, ON

Lunar Concrete: Materials, Properties, and the Path Forward
ACI Spring Convention 2025 - Toronto, ON

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Meeting--March 26, 2024
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Meeting--April 04, 2023