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560 - Design and Construction with Insulating Concrete Forms

Committee Mission: Develop and report information on the design and construction of concrete buildings with insulating concrete forms.

Goals: 1. Maintain and augment the ACI 560 Report Design and Construction with Insulating Concrete Forms, starting with the addition of structural design examples. 2. Work collaboratively with other ACI committees, and organizations outside ACI, to develop and report information on design and construction of all types of concrete structures with Insulating Concrete Forms, for applications beyond residential structures as addressed by ACI Committee 332. 3. Facilitate information sessions at ACI conventions, on a regular basis, to disseminate the knowledge of the design and construction of concrete buildings with Insulating Concrete Forms.

Chair: Robert Sculthorpe

TAC Contact: Mary Beth Hueste

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Upcoming Convention Sessions:
MINI SESSION: Presentation: Canadian ICF Wall Prescriptive Structural Design for Houses
ACI Spring Convention 2021 - Baltimore, MD

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Work Folders (ACI)

Meeting Agenda & Approved Minutes
Meeting--October 27, 2020
Meeting--July 16, 2020
Meeting--May 11, 2020
Meeting--October 22, 2019
Meeting--March 26, 2019
Meeting--October 16, 2018
Meeting--March 27, 2018
Meeting--October 17, 2017
Meeting--March 28, 2017
Meeting--October 25, 2016
Meeting--April 19, 2016
Meeting--November 10, 2015
Meeting--April 14, 2015
Meeting--October 28, 2014
Meeting--March 25, 2014
Meeting--October 23, 2012
Meeting--March 24, 2010

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