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445-0D - Shear & Torsion-Shear Databases

Committee Mission: To develop and maintain databases of shear and torsion tests on structural concrete for research and code development purposes.

Goals: 1. Update and maintain existing databases (r.c.-beams with and without stirrups under point loads, distributed loads, and combined point loads and axial force; p.c.-beams with and without stirrups; non-slender r.c.-beams with and without stirrups; lightweight concrete r.c.-beams with and without stirrups; shear-friction) 2. Establish new databases (e.g., torsion, footings, p.c.-beams with inclined tendons, lightweight concrete p.c.-beams with and without stirrups) 3. Identify other potential databases to be developed in future years 4. Identify research needs due to missing shear databases (e.g., members under combined external axial force and non-cyclic shear) 5. Standardize collection of detailed observations from tests (e.g., stiffness, crack patterns, crack widths 6. Increase international participation in database development efforts 7. Sponsor or co-sponsor technical sessions to disseminate the subcommittee work

Chair: Birol Fitik

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