Durability fo Concrete containing condensed silica fume


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Title: Durability fo Concrete containing condensed silica fume

Author(s): Odd E. Gjorv

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 79


Appears on pages(s): 695-708

Keywords: alkali-aggregate reactions; concrete durability; corrosion resistance; electrical . resistance; freeze-thaw durability; permeability; pozzolans; reinforcing steels; silica; sulfate resistance.

Date: 5/1/1983

It has been found that to a concrete with addional i e concrete gives the same permeability a kg cement containing no silica fume. .ion 0f 20% silica fume by 11 y 100 kg cement per m of S that of concrete with 250 Frost resistant concrete can be produced using silica fume. A 15% replacement of cement (OPC) by silica fume shows durability similar to sulphate resisting portland cement exposed to sulphate solutions. Silica fume binds up the alkalis of the cement and reduces the detrimental alkali-silica reactions. Addition of IO-20% silica fume does not reduce the pH to a level lower than that of a saturated 1, Ca(OH)z-solution. The electrical resistivity of the concrete is increased dramatically. Monitoring of existing structures with such concrete has shown that embedded steel is well protected.