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Title: Advances in Admixtures and In-Transit Concrete Management Systems for Sustainable Construction

Author(s): Josephine Cheung, Elizabeth Burns, Joshua Curto, and Nathan Tregger

Publication: Symposium Paper

Volume: 329


Appears on pages(s): 459-472

Keywords: chemical admixtures; control flow concrete; in-transit concrete management systems

DOI: 10.14359/51711234

Date: 9/26/2018

The production of sustainable building materials, such as concrete, has drawn increasing attention in the last decade. Breakthroughs in the development of new admixtures, optimized mix designs, innovative concrete management systems, together with a deeper understanding of the best-mode usage of admixtures with different cementitious materials have resulted in the production of sustainable concrete with better performance at a lower cost. This paper presents three approaches for producing sustainable concrete: (1) introduction of a new class of admixture systems that produce control flow concrete or concrete with flow characteristics of self-consolidating concrete (SCC) without using high cement content, (2) minimization of polycarboxylate ether/ester (PCE) and cement usage through better understanding of the interaction between PCEs and sulfates and (3) use of in-transit concrete management systems (iCMS) to consistently deliver concrete that will meet desired specifications with minimal over-design.