Effects of Ternary Cements with Limestone Filler on DEF in Concrete


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Title: Effects of Ternary Cements with Limestone Filler on DEF in Concrete

Author(s): Yasser Amine, Nordine Leklou, Ouali Amiri

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 320


Appears on pages(s): 20.1-20.14

Keywords: concrete, delayed ettringite formation, expansion, heat curing, limestone filler, mineral admixtures, ternary blend

Date: 8/1/2017

In this study, the effect of limestone filler in addition to other mineral admixtures on the expansion of concrete caused by internal sulfate attack was investigated. For this purpose, three different admixtures (fly ash, metakaolin and natural pozzolan) were incorporated in heat-cured concretes for a total cement replacement ratio of 25%. Tests of length changes, compressive strength, dynamic modulus of elasticity, and apparent porosity were carried out on these concretes over a period of 650 days. Additionally, microcalorimetry tests on cement pastes with w/cm ratio equal to 0.35 were conducted. Furthermore, thermogravimetric analysis was conducted to identify the phases formed due to the limestone filler. The results obtained were analyzed and highlighted the correlation between the microstructural and mechanical properties of the heat-cured concretes and their expansion. The important role of limestone filler in ternary formulations and the inhibitory effect of admixtures (fly ash and metakaolin) on DEF was also highlighted.