Can Concrete Containing High-Volume Recycled Concrete Aggregate Be Durable?


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Title: Can Concrete Containing High-Volume Recycled Concrete Aggregate Be Durable?

Author(s): Seyedhamed Sadati and Kamal H. Khayat

Publication: Materials Journal

Volume: 115

Issue: 3

Appears on pages(s): 471-480

Keywords: abrasion; air-void system; electrical resistivity; frost durability; recycled concrete aggregate; scaling resistance; sustainability

Date: 5/1/2018

This paper evaluates the effect of recycled concrete aggregate (RCA) on concrete durability. Six RCA types procured from different sources were employed at 30 to 100% replacement rates by volume of virgin coarse aggregate. One fine RCA was also investigated and was used for up to 40% replacement by volume of virgin sand. In total, 33 mixtures were proportioned with these aggregates in concrete made with a binary or a ternary binder system and a watercementitious materials ratio (w/cm) of 0.37 to 0.45. The mixtures were investigated for frost durability, electrical resistivity, sorptivity, and abrasion resistance. Test results indicate that concrete made with up to 100% coarse RCA from an air-entrained source can exhibit proper frost durability. No significant reduction (limited to 3%) in frost durability factor was observed when the fine RCA volume was limited to 15% of total sand. Increase in mass loss due to deicing salt scaling was observed in concrete made with 50% of RCA with high (over 4%) deleterious materials content and high mass loss during soundness test. For a given w/cm and binder type, the use of 50% coarse RCA resulted in up to 32% reduction in electrical resistivity. The reduction in w/cm from 0.40 to 0.37 and the use of ternary binder containing 35% Class C fly ash and 15% slag proved to be effective in mitigating the potentially negative impact of RCA on sorptivity and abrasion resistance, compared to concrete made without any RCA with w/cm of 0.40 and binary cement with 25% fly ash.


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