Student Competitions

ACI's nationally recognized student competitions, offered in cooperation with the ACI Student Activities Committee, give students the opportunity to participate in interesting and educational concrete projects.

This area of ACI's website provides information on each ACI student competition and provides a list of previous winners.

The Concrete Convention and Exposition—Spring 2015, Kansas City, MO

ACI FRP Composites Competition - REGISTRATION Currently Closed!

Students design, construct, and test a concrete structure reinforced with fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) bars to achieve the optimal load-to-cost ratio, predict the ultimate load, and predict the load that will result in a piston deflection of 3.5 mm (0.14 in.).

ACI Fall 2014 Convention—Washington, DC

ACI Mortar Workability Competition - Registration Currently Closed!

Teams are challenged to create a mortar mixture with optimum flowability and stability at the convention. Students will then pour their mixture into a mold, which is shaped in the letters "ACI", at the top of the letter "A." Both flowability and mixture stability will be evaluated.

ACI Egg Protection Device Competition - Registration Currently Closed!

Students design and build the highest-impact-load resistant plain or reinforced concrete Egg Protection Device.


Paper/Project Competitions - Competition Currently Closed

ACI Concrete Construction Competition

The Concrete Construction Competition is for undergraduate students with interests in construction technology, construction management, and concrete industry management. Student teams (comprising up to 5 students each) are given 1 week to provide a response to a realistic, open-ended question on the subject of concrete construction.

ACI Concrete Projects Competition - Competition currently closed.

Entries for the Concrete Projects Competition are due June 1, 2014. Virtually any project that focuses on concrete design, materials, and/or construction is eligible. These projects can include computer programs, term papers, student activities, senior design projects, or special projects.

ACI-James Instruments Student Award for Research on NDT of Concrete

Students are invited to submit a paper for original research on nondestructive testing (NDT) of concrete.

Other ACI Competitions

ACI FRC Bowling Ball Competition 

The object is to design and construct a fiber-reinforced concrete bowling ball to achieve optimal performance under specified failure criteria and to develop a fabrication process that produces a radial uniform density while maximizing volume. - 2014 Winners Posted!

ACI Pervious Concrete Cylinder Competition

Teams are challenged to apply sustainability concepts and to use their knowledge of concrete mixture design by producing pervious concrete that balances permeability and splitting tensile strength. Teams are additionally challenged to develop a mixture design that develops the highest load-to-cost ratio. A report that documents the team’s cylinder production process and preliminary results is also scored.

ACI Mortar Workability Competition

Teams are challenged to create a mortar mixture with optimum flowability and stability at the convention. Students will then pour their mixture into a mold, which is shaped in the letters "ACI", at the top of the letter "A." Both flowability and mixture stability will be evaluated.

ACI Egg Protection Device Competition

Students design and build the highest-impact-load resistant plain or reinforced concrete Egg Protection Device—2012 Winners posted!

ACI Art of Concrete Competition

The objectives of the competition are to explore the artistic nature of concrete; to display the varieties, form, function, and beauty of concrete; and attract participation from a broad group of students outside of engineering programs.

ACI Concrete Cylinder Competition (discontinued)

The objective is to produce concrete cylinders with an average compressive strength of 7,000 psi (48.3 Mpa) and a saturated surface-dry density of 150 lb/ft3 (2.39 kg/l) with the highest cementitious efficiency and the lowest cost, and to write a report explaining the design and production process.

ACI Concrete Cube Competition (discontinued)

Students produce a concrete cube that achieves, as closely as possible, a target design strength of 50 MPa and a target mass of 270 grams per cube.

Important Messages and Updates

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Note (1): All student competitions require that each team consist of at least two and no more than five students currently enrolled in an undergraduate program at any college or university worldwide. Undergraduate students on cooperative or internship work assignment are eligible to compete. Although there are no restrictions on the geographical location of the school, all members of a given team must be from the same school. A student may not be a member of more than one team for any competition. A faculty member is permitted to advise more than one team. -- Posted 5/2/2005

Note (2): All international students must submit a valid passport number when requesting invitation letters from ACI. Final participation is only allowed pending FBI clearing and verification. Only preregistered teams with accurate passport numbers will receive an invitation letter. Do not submit your advance registration form unless you know the accurate spelling of all team members' names as well as your faculty advisor's name. Visa letters will only be created once and the information is taken directly off the advance registration form. Please note that invitation letters will be sent via email only and that we are not at liberty to fax anything to the U.S. embassies or to air mail them to you. If you do not provide accurate email addresses for your faculty advisor, your team will be disqualified and you will not receive an invitation letter. Registration and requests for invitation letters MUST be done by the faculty advisor for each student team. All registrations that are submitted by students will be deemed null and void. -- Posted 5/2/2005

Note (3): ACI will not accept specimens in advance. All teams wishing to participate in student competitions must hand deliver their specimens directly to the competition location. The individual bringing the specimen does not have to be a team member. -- Posted 5/2/2005

Note (4): The United States Treasury Department enforces through its Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) regulations regarding transactions between U.S. and Iranian companies, universities, and individuals. Based on ACI's review of these regulations, it appears that Iranian students are not eligible to participate in the ACI Student Competitions at this time. Unfortunately, these regulations are ambiguous and ACI sent two letters to the appropriate government agencies requesting expedited clarification of the regulations. As of September 23, 2005, the Department of Treasury has not made a determination on ACI's inquiry. Since ACI could be assessed substantial financial penalties for violating these regulations unless a favorable ruling is received, Iranian students will not be eligible to participate in any ACI student competitions pending resolution of this inquiry. We sincerely regret having to take this position and will post more information to this page immediately if anything changes. It is our hope that the U.S. Treasury Department will issue a favorable interpretation and that Iranian teams will be eligible to participate in future ACI student competitions. -- Updated 09/30/2005

Verification of Team Member and/or Advisor

Team members must provide proof of their student status. A statement on the team student status and the advisor should be provided by one of the school officials on university/school letterhead. The letter must be faxed or e-mailed to ACI Headquarters on/or before the advanced registration deadline.

Response to Inquiries

Before sending any inquiries related to the competition, students are asked to: 1) carefully read and study the rules; and 2) discuss any questions with his/her team advisor. Questions should be sent to These questions will then be answered and posted weekly on the web. The questions will not be addressed if found that answers either reside in the competition rules or their answers are already posted on the ACI website. To be fair to all teams, there will be no individual responses to technical questions. If you have asked a technical question regarding a competition, visit the FAQ page of that competition one week after you send the question for replies.

Supplemental Compensation, Recognition, and Awards

In an effort to maintain a level “playing field” and in the spirit of the ACI student competitions, no supplemental compensation outside of the ACI monetary and certificate awards received at the competition may be received by the faculty advisor, team members, or university of any team participating in the student competitions. This includes both monetary and non-monetary compensation or perks. Examples include but are not limited to faculty bonus or stipends, student scholarships or fellowships, or waivers for military duty. A meal or banquet to recognize the student chapter at the home university is not considered supplemental compensation. If it is determined that a faculty advisor, team member, student chapter, or university has received any supplemental compensation directly or indirectly related to the ACI student competitions, the university will be banned from competing in ACI student competitions for 10 years. If you have a specific question regarding what is or is not considered supplementary compensation, the specific case should be directed to the chair of ACI S801 for review and clarification.

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