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In late 2014, ACI will publish the first major reorganization of ACI 318, “Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete,” since 1971.


The reorganized code will be more intuitive, easier to use, and will provide increased confidence that a design satisfies all code requirements. To aid in the transition to the new code, ACI will continually update this portion of the website to answer your questions, make you aware of upcoming presentations in your area, provide you with sample content from the new code, and update you with the timeframe for public comment and the code’s release.

The Reorganized ACI 318-14 Code: Benefits, Rationale and Availability


The American Concrete Institute’s 318, “Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete” is one of the world’s leading standard for design and detailing for structural concrete. The chapter organization of 318 hasn’t significantly changed since the 1971 edition.

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Since then, almost 1,800 provisions were added to reflect an immense amount of research, experience, and new construction techniques. Many individuals have expressed concerns that a young engineer could no longer easily understand the code’s design and requirements because of the significant increase of code provisions within the 1971 organization.

In response to these concerns, over a course of several years, ACI Committee 318 reviewed the code. After an in-depth study, they determined to revise the organization of information, centered on designing and detailing each building member, such as a column or a slab.

In 2014, ACI will publish a major reorganization of ACI 318. More intuitive and easier to use, 318-14 will provide engineers with increased confidence that their design satisfies all code requirements.


The member chapters, which are the center of this new organization, are arranged from an engineer’s perspective.

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When designing a member, such as a column, all relevant design and detailing requirements will be noted within that member chapter. Member chapter information has a parallel arrangement of design and detailing requirements across each member chapter. Thus, similar topics, such as minimum reinforcement, will be consistently located in every member chapter.

Requirements that apply to the entire building structure, such as load factors, or are common to several members, such as rebar development lengths, are collected into several “toolbox” chapters. These “toolbox” chapters are simply used as handy reference information for member and system chapters. All construction requirements related to code compliance or if required by design, are now collected in a single chapter. The engineer can review this single chapter to ensure that construction documents are in compliance with the code.

The code language and presentation of related information has also been refreshed. The reorganized code includes dozens of concise tables that will increase the engineer’s speed of understanding. Code language has been edited for consistency; ensuring that terms and symbols carry the same meaning from chapter to chapter.


ACI 318-14 maintains the requirements from the 2011 edition, and appendices A and D from ACI 318-11 are incorporated into main body of the code.

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In 318-14 each member type has its own chapter; so many provisions that previously used general language (such as “flexural members”) were clarified. The committee has also approved two significant new chapters – Diaphragms and Building Systems.

Except for select sections, it is important to note the content of ACI 318 is not being changed, but is reorganized to better meet the needs of users.


ACI 318-14 will be available for a public discussion period during mid 2014.

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Publishing of the reorganized ACI 318-14 is planned for late 2014. Of course, 318-14 will be printed in the traditional side-by-side Code and commentary.

It will be published in both U.S. Customary and S.I. units and will appear in English, Spanish, Chinese and other languages. Prior to publication, ACI will host in-person presentations in numerous cities, conduct webinars and participate in national conferences and events to introduce the reorganized 318.

In addition to the print version, the code will be adaptable to multiple contemporary publication platforms such as the e-book for iPad and tablet that will feature new search functionality and enhanced navigation.

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318-14 Reorganized for Ease of Use


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