SP-237: Finite Element Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Structures

SP-237: Finite Element Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Structures

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Editors: Laura Lowes, Filip Filippou


This CD is a collection of 19 papers presented at a workshop sponsored by Joint ACI-ASCE Committee 447, Finite Element Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Structures, and JCI Committee 016SP, in Maui, Hawaii, USA, in November 2003. A broad range of topics was addressed, including the creation of new experimental data sets for use in developing, calibrating, and validating models; the development and validation of plain, reinforced, and fiber-reinforced concrete constitutive models; new approaches to simulating the response of reinforced concrete continua; new element formations to enable improved simulation of component response; and new computational techniques.

Document Details

Publication Year: 2015

Pages: 0

ISBN: 9780870312151

Categories: Finite Element Analysis

Formats: PDF

Table of Contents


SP-237—1: Deterioration Mechanism of Shear-Resisting System in RC Beam

Subjected to Reversed Cyclic Loading after Flexural Yielding

by H. Kinugasa and S. Nomura

SP-237—2: Consideration of Scale Effect in Reinforced Concrete Members Subjected to Shear Loading

by M. Terai and K. Minami

SP-237—3: Experimental Study of Recovered Properties of Retrofit (Repaired) Concrete Members

by K. Suzuki and A. Fujii

SP-237—4: Fatigue Failure Criterion for Deformed Bars Subjected to Large Deformation Reversals

by T. Higai, H. Nakamura, and S. Saito

SP-237—5: FE Analysis of Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete Beams Failing in Shear: Variable Engagement Model

by S.J. Foster, Y.L. Voo, and K.T. Chong

SP-237—6: Cyclic Softened Membrane Model for Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis of Concrete Structures

by T.T.C. Hsu, M.Y. Mansour, Y.L. Mo, and J. Zhong

SP-237—7: Nonlinear Torsion and Warping for Multifibre Beam Elements

by F. Rafueneau, G. Cauaux, and J. Mazars

SP-237—8: On the Post-Peak Ductility of Shear-Critical Beams

by F.J. Vecchio

SP-237—9: Evaluation of Cyclic Deterioration and Post-Peak Behavior of RC

Beam-Column Joint Assemblages by 3-D FE Analysis

by N. Shirai

SP-237—10: Three-Dimensional FEM Analysis of RC Beam-Column Joints Subjected to Two-Directional Loads

by H. Noguchi

SP-237—11: Damage Assessment of Reinforced Concrete Columns Under High Axial Loading

by S. Kono, H. Bechtoula, M. Sakashita, H. Tanaka, F. Wantanabe, and M.O. Eberhard

SP-237—12: Analytical Study of Torsional Moment Induced by Shifting of Shear Center of RC Cross Sections

by H. Nakamura, Y. Yamamoto, A. Itoh, and T. Tanabe

SP-237—13: Post-Peak Behavior of Shear Failing Beams Governed by

Snapback Instability

by T. Tanabe, A. Itoh, and N. Ueda

SP-237—14: Shear Softening Characteristics of Reinforced Concrete Deep Beams

by Y. Kaneko and H. Mihashi

SP-237—15: Discrete Analyses of Shear Failure in Reinforced Concrete

by S. Saito and T. Higai

SP-237—16: Three-Dimensional Lattice Model Analysis of RC Column Subjected to Seismic Loads

by T. Miki and J. Niwa

SP-237—17: Failure Analysis of RC Structures Using Irregular Lattice Models

by J.E. Bolander

SP-237—18: Saw-Tooth Softening Model for Concrete Structures

by J.G. Rots, S. Invernizzi, and B. Belletti

SP-237—19: A Beam Finite Element for Shear-Critical RC Beams

by F.C. Filippou and A. S


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