Concrete Repair Manual: Fourth Edition 2013 USB/Book Pack

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Concrete Repair Manual: Fourth Edition 2013 USB/Book Pack

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Combination offer: 2-volume set and USB drive

Published by: ACI and ICRI


This fourth edition is a comprehensive collection of concrete repair information. The manual is divided into 7 principal areas; general topics (including concrete repair terminology), condition evaluation, concrete restoration, contractual, strengthening, protection, and special cases.

Sources of the documents were provided from the following organizations:

- ACI American Concrete Institute

- ASCE American Society of Civil Engineers

- BRE Building Research Establishment

- RC Construction Research Communications

- CS Concrete Society

- ICRI International Concrete Repair Institute

- NACE International (Formerly the National Association of Corrosion Engineers)

- PTI Post-Tensioning Institute

- SSPC The Society for Protective Coatings

- USACE United States Army Corps of Engineers

The 2-volume Concrete Repair Manual is a must have for those involved in the repair of concrete.

Document Details

Publication Year: 2018

Pages: 0

Categories: Repair

Formats: Printed Document

Table of Contents

Volume 1


ICRI—Concrete Repair Terminology. CRM1-23

Vision 2020—A Vision for the Concrete Repair, Protection, and Strengthening Industry.CRM1-101

ICRI Guideline No. 120.1-2009—Guidelines and Recommendations for Safety in the Concrete Repair Industry


Condition Evaluation

ACI 201.1R-08—Guide for Conducting a Visual Inspection of Concrete in ServiceCRM1-253

ICRI Guideline No. 210.4-2009—Guide for Nondestructive Evaluation Methods for Condition Assessment,

Repair, and Performance Monitoring of Concrete Structures..CRM1-269

ACI 364.1R-07—Guide for Evaluation of Concrete Structures before Rehabilitation...CRM1-301

CS TR 54—Diagnosis of Deterioration in Concrete Structures...CRM1-319

BRE Digest 444—Corrosion of Steel in Concrete

Part 1: Durability of Reinforced Concrete Structures..CRM1-387

Part 2: Investigation and Assessment..CRM1-399

CS TR 32—Analysis of Hardened Concrete...CRM1-415

ACI 228.2R-98 (Reapproved 2004)—Nondestructive Test Methods for Evaluation of Concrete in Structures


BRE Digest 434—Corrosion of Reinforcement in Concrete: Electrochemical Monitoring....CRM1-579

CS TR 60—Electrochemical Tests for Reinforcement CorrosionCRM1-591

ACI 224.1R-07—Causes, Evaluation, and Repair of Cracks in Concrete Structures.CRM1-629

CS TR 22-Fourth Edition—Non-structural Cracks in Concrete...CRM1-651

ACI 364.9T-03 (Reapproved 2011)—TechNote: Cracks in a RepairCRM1-723

ACI 364.4T-10—TechNote: Determining the Load Capacity of a Structure When As-Built Drawings

are Unavailable...CRM1-727

ACI 437R-03—Strength Evaluation of Existing Concrete Buildings..CRM1-731

PTI DC80.3-12/ICRI 320.6—Guide for Evaluation and Repair of Unbonded Post-Tensioned

Concrete Structures.CRM1-759

ACI 341.3R-07—Seismic Evaluation and Retrofit Techniques for Concrete Bridges....CRM1-815

ACI 437.1R-07—Load Tests of Concrete Structures: Methods, Magnitude, Protocols, and Acceptance Criteria


ACI 364.5T-10—TechNote: Importance of Modulus of Elasticity in Surface Repair Materials.CRM1-883

ACI 214.4R-10—Guide for Obtaining Cores and Interpreting Compressive Strength Results...CRM1-887

Concrete Restoration


ACI 546R-04—Concrete Repair Guide..CRM1-909

Spall Repair, Overlays, and Full-Depth Replacement

ACI 325.13R-06—Concrete Overlays for Pavement Rehabilitation.CRM1-965

Materials for Repair

ICRI Guideline No. 320.2R-2009 (formerly No. 03733)—Guide for Selecting and Specifying Materials

for Repair of Concrete Surfaces...CRM1-1007

ICRI Guideline No. 340.1-2006 (formerly No. 03738)—Guide for the Selection of Grouts to Control

Water Leakage in Concrete Structures..CRM1-1043

ACI 364.3R-09—Guide for Cementitious Repair Material Data Sheet..CRM1-1075

ICRI Guideline No. 320.3R-2012—Guideline for Inorganic Repair Material Data Sheet Protocol..CRM1-1087

ACI 503.5R-92 (Reapproved 2003)—Guide for the Selection of Polymer Adhesives with Concrete...CRM1-1101

ACI 546.3R-06—Guide for the Selection of Materials for the Repair of Concrete.CRM1-1117

ICRI Guideline No. 320.5-2012—Pictorial Atlas of Concrete Repair Material Mixing Equipment.CRM1-1151


ICRI Guideline No. 310.1R-2008 (formerly No. 03730)—Guide for Surface Preparation for the Repair of

Deteriorated Concrete Resulting from Reinforcing Steel Corrosion..CRM1-1161

ACI 364.6T-02 (Reapproved 2011)—TechNote: Concrete Removal in Repairs Involving Corroded Reinforcing Steel.

. CRM1-1173

ACI 364.7T-02 (Reapproved 2011)—TechNote: Evaluation and Minimization of Bruising (Microcracking)

in Concrete Repair.CRM1-1177

ACI 364.8T-02 (Reapproved 2011)—TechNote: Use of Hydrodemolition for Concrete Removal in Unbonded Post-

Tensioned Systems..CRM1-1181

ICRI Guideline No. 310.3-2004 (formerly No. 03737)—Guide for the Preparation of Concrete Surfaces for

Repair Using Hydrodemolition MethodsCRM-1183

Application Methods

ICRI Guideline No. 320.1R-1996 (formerly No. 03731)—Guide for Selecting Application Methods for the

Repair of Concrete Surfaces..CRM1-1203

ACI 364.3T-10—TechNote: Treatment of Exposed Epoxy-Coated Reinforcement in Repair..CRM1-1211

ACI E706—Repair Application Procedures

RAP-1: Structural Crack Repair by Epoxy Injection.CRM1-1215

RAP-2: Crack Repair by Gravity Feed with Resin.CRM1-1223

RAP-3: Spall Repair by Low-Pressure Spraying....CRM1-1229

RAP-4: Surface Repair Using Form-and-Pour Techniques.CRM1-1237

RAP-5: Surface Repair Using Form-and-Pump Techniques....CRM1-1245

RAP-6: Vertical and Overhead Spall Repair by Hand Application..CRM1-1253

RAP-7: Spall Repair of Horizontal Concrete Surfaces...CRM1-1261

RAP-8: Installation of Embedded Galvanic Anodes..CRM1-1269

RAP-9: Spall Repair by the Preplaced Aggregate Method..CRM1-1277

RAP-10: Leveling and Reprofiling of Vertical and Overhead Surfaces....CRM1-1285

RAP-11: Slabjacking...CRM1-1291

RAP-12: Concrete Repair by Shotcrete Application..CRM1-1299

RAP-13: Methacrylate Flood CoatCRM1-1305

RAP-14: Concrete Removal Using HydrodemolitionCRM1-1311

ACI 506.2-95—Specification for Shotcrete..CRM1-1319

ACI 503.7-07—Specification for Crack Repair by Epoxy Injection..CRM1-1327

ACI 503.4-92 (Reapproved 2003)—Standard Specification for Repairing Concrete with Epoxy MortarsCRM1-1335



CS TR 38—Patch Repair of Reinforced Concrete—Subject to Reinforcement Corrosion. CRM2-23

ICRI Guideline No. 130.1R-2009 (formerly No. 03735)—Guide for Methods of Measurement and

Contract Types for Concrete Repair Work.CRM2-109


ACI 440.2R-08—Guide for the Design and Construction of Externally Bonded FRP Systems for

Strengthening Concrete StructuresCRM2-127

ACI 364.2T-08—TechNote: Increasing Shear Capacity Within Existing Reinforced Concrete Structures..CRM2-203

ICRI Guideline No. 330.1-2006 (formerly No. 03742)—Guide for the Selection of Strengthening Systems

for Concrete StructuresCRM2-207



CS TR 50—Guide to Surface Treatments for Protection and Enhancement of ConcreteCRM2-243

Surface Preparation

ICRI Guideline No. 310.2-1997 (formerly No. 03732)—Selecting and Specifying Concrete Surface Preparation

for Sealers, Coatings, and Polymer Overlays..CRM2-327

USACE TN CS-MR-4.4—Cleaning Concrete Surfaces..CRM2-371

USACE TN CS-MR-4.3—Removal and Prevention of Efflorescence on Concrete and Masonry

Building Surfaces....CRM2-375


ICRI Guideline No. 710.1-2004 (formerly No. 03741)—Guide for Design, Installation, and Maintenance

of Protective Polymer Flooring Systems for ConcreteCRM2-381

PTI DC80.3-12/ICRI 320.6—Guide for Evaluation and Repair of Unbonded Post-Tensioned

Concrete Structures—Reference onlyCRM2-421

SSPC—Paint Application Specification No. 7: Applying Thin Film Coatings to Concrete....CRM2-423

SSPC—Paint Specification No. 37: Waterborne Epoxy Coating for Cementitious Substrates


SSPC—Qualification Procedure No. 8: Standard Procedure for Evaluating the Qualifications of Contracting

Firms that Install Polymer Coatings and Surfacings on Concrete and Other Cementitious Substrates....CRM2-439

SSPC—Joint Technology Update No. 10: Procedures For Applying Thick Film Coatings and Surfacings

Over Concrete Floors...CRM2-445


ICRI Guideline No. 210.1-1998 (formerly No. 03734)—Guide for Verifying Field Performance of Epoxy

Injection of Concrete CracksCRM2-471

ICRI Guideline No. 210.3-2004 (formerly No. 03739)—Guide to Using In-Situ Tensile Pull-Off Tests to

Evaluate Bond of Concrete Surface MaterialsCRM2-481

BRE Information Paper—Testing Anti-Carbonation Coatings for Concrete.CRM2-495

Corrosion Management

ACI 222R-01 (Reapproved 2010)—Protection of Metals in Concrete Against Corrosion.CRM2-503

BRE Digest 444—Corrosion of Steel in Concrete Part 3: Protection and Remediation..CRM2-545

CS TR 36—Cathodic Protection of Reinforced ConcreteCRM2-557

CS TR 37—Model Specification for Cathodic Protection of Reinforced Concrete...CRM2-629

NACE International—RP0187-2005: Design Considerations for Corrosion Control of Reinforcing

Steel in ConcreteCRM2-679

NACE International—RP0390-2006: Maintenance and Rehabilitation Considerations for Corrosion

Control of Atmospherically Exposed Existing Steel-Reinforced Concrete Structures....CRM2-693

NACE International—SP0107-2007: Electrochemical Realkalization and Chloride Extraction for Reinforced Concrete


NACE International—SP0290-2007: Impressed Current Cathodic Protection of Reinforcing Steel in

Atmospherically Exposed Concrete Structures...CRM2-721


BRE Digest 392—Assessment of Existing High Alumina Cement Concrete Construction in the UK—

Reference onlyCRM2-739

BRE Digest 405—Carbonation of Concrete and its Effects on Durability—Reference only..CRM2-740

ASCE—Standard Practice Manual for Underwater Investigations—Reference only.CRM2-741

ACI 222.1R-01 (Reapproved 2010)—Corrosion of Prestressing Steels—Reference only.CRM2-742

ACI 228.1R-03—In-Place Methods to Estimate Concrete Strength—Reference only....CRM2-743

ACI 345.1R-06—Guide for Maintenance of Concrete Bridge Members—Reference onlyCRM2-744

ACI 349.3R-02 (Reapproved 2010)—Evaluation of Existing Nuclear Safety-Related Concrete Structures—

Reference onlyCRM2-745

ACI 369R-11—Guide for Seismic Rehabilitation of Existing Concrete of Concrete Frame Buildings

and Commentary—Reference onlyCRM2-746

ACI 423.8R-10—Report on Corrosion and Repair of Grouted Multistrand and Bar Tendon Systems....CRM2-747

ACI 440R-07—Report on Fiber-Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Reinforcement for Concrete Structures—

Reference onlyCRM2-748

ACI 440.3R-12—Guide Test Methods for Fiber-Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Composites for

Reinforcing or Strengthening Concrete and Masonry Structures—Reference only... CRM2-749

ACI 440.7R-10—Guide for the Design and Construction of Externally Bonded Fiber-Reinforced

Polymer Systems for Strengthening Unreinforced Masonry Structures—Reference only.CRM2-750

ACI 506R-05—Guide to Shotcrete—Reference only..CRM2-751

ACI 506.1R-08—Guide to Fiber-Reinforced Shotcrete—Reference only.CRM2-752

ACI 506.4R-94 (Reapproved 2004)—Guide for the Evaluation of Shotcrete—Reference only.CRM2-753

ACI 562-13—Code Requirements for Evaluation, Repair, and Rehabilitation of Concrete Buildings—

Reference onlyCRM2-754

Special Cases

CS TR 68—Assessment, Design and Repair of Fire-damaged Concrete Structures..CRM2-757

ACI 546.2R-10—Guide to Underwater Repair of Concrete....CRM2-845

ACI 210R-93 (Reapproved 2008)—Erosion of Concrete in Hydraulic StructuresCRM2-877

USACE EM 1110-2-2002, Chapter 8—Evaluation and Repair of Concrete Structures..CRM2-899

ACI 362.2R-00 (Reapproved 2005)—Guide for Structural Maintenance of Parking Structures.... CRM2-967

ICRI Guideline No. 410.1-2008—Guide for the Evaluation of Masonry Façade Structures..CRM2-983


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