IJBRC 6TH Joints, Bearings, Seismic for Concrete Struct CD-ROM

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IJBRC 6TH Joints, Bearings, Seismic for Concrete Struct CD-ROM

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You'll get state-of-the-art knowledge in this CD version of the proceedings of the 6th World Congress on Joints, Bearing, and Seismic Systems for Concrete Structures. The CD contains 44 papers from the congress.


Document Details

Publication Year: 2017


Categories: Joints

Table of Contents

“A Discussion of Failure Modes on High Load Bridge Bearings Which Have Resulted in the Current Design Methods, Philosophy, and Guidelines for Disc Bearings” Edward Fyfe, Peter Milligan & Stewart Watson - Fyfe Co., LLC/Kinematics USA

“A Seismic Protective System for Railway Bridges Using Hysteretic Damping Bearings” Carlo Galli - ALGA SpA – Italy

“A Strip Seal Design for Intersection Regions of Complex Expansion Joint Systems” Frank A. Braun & J.C. Thompson, Braun Developments Ltd/ University of Waterloo – Canada

“A Comparison of the Experimental and Calculated Distortion Behavior of Joint Sealing Materials” Hillemeier, Westphal-Kay, - Technische Universitat Berlin – Germany

“Bearing Systems for High Speed Railway Bridges” Agostino Marioni - ALGA SpA – Italy

“Bridge Bearing Design and Detailing Guidelines” Philip M. Gase & Mark R. Kaczinski, - DS Brown – USA

“Bridge Bearing Testing at Lehigh University” Frank E. Stokes – Lehigh University – ATLSS Engineering Research Center – USA

“Design, Specification, Installations, and Maintenance of Modular Expansion Joint System for Jamuna Multipurpose Bridge” Asif. Iqbal - Bangladesh Consultants Ltd – Bangladesh

“Disc Bearing V-Grooves” Paul Bradford – RJ Watson, Inc. – USA

“Effect of Thickness of Reinforcing Plates on Rubber-Steel Laminated” Alan H. Muhr – TARRC – UK

“Elastomeric Vibration Isolators for Railway Lines” M. Gabriella Castellano, Silvio DeToni, Mario Testa, & Marco Tisalvi - FIP Industriale/ RFI Rete Ferroviaria Italiana – Italy

“EQS Sliding Isolation Bearings A Decade of Performance in North America” Ronald J. Watson– RJ Watson, Inc. – USA

“Equidistance in Modular Expansion Joints” Paul Bradford – Watson Bowman Acme Corp – USA

“Experience with Joint Sealing and Bearing Systems on North American Pavements and Bridges and a History of Involvement with them During the Last 60 Years” Stewart C. Watson – Kinematics – USA

“Experimental and Numerical Investigations of Pot Bearings” Halim Khbeis, Lothar Stempniewski & Lutz Gerlach-Universitat Karlsruhe – Germany

“Fatigue Comparison of Modular Bridge Expansion Joints Using Multiple Bridge Design Code Approaches” Eric J. Ancich & Viraf Bhavnagri - Roads and Traffic Authority of NSW – Australia

"Fatigue Proofing of an In-Service Modular Bridge Expansion Joint" Eric J. Ancich & Gordan Chirgwin - Roads and Traffic Authority of NSW – Australia

“Fatigue Tests of High Rotation Rubber Steel Laminated Bearings” Julia Gough, Alan H. Muhr, Ian J. Stephens & J.S. Leendertz-Rubber Consultants/Netherlands Ministry of Transport – UK

“First Introduction of Disc Bearings in India in Bandra Worli Sea Link” Santanu Majumdar & Subrata Datta – Metco – India

”Fluid Viscous Dampers and Steel Hysteretic Dampers Combined in the Seismic Retrofit of Viaducts” Samuele Infanti, M. Gabriella Castellano, Gian Paolo Colato, Renato Chiarotto & Alexxandro Contin - FIP Industrial/ Iconia Ingegneria Civile – Italy

“Fundamentals of the Double Concave Friction Pendulum Bearings” Daniel M. Fenz & Michael C. Constantinou - State University of NY at Buffalo – USA “Innovative Spherical Bearings for Railway Bridges” Francesco Tomaselli & Gian Paolo Colato - FIP Industriale – Italy

“Joint sealing systems used in facilities dealing with substances hazardous to water; Composition, content and use of German and European technical approvals” Ullrich Kluge - Deutsches Institut fur Bautechnik – Germany

”Joints, Bearings, and Seismic Systems for Earthquake Resistant Bridges in Egnatia Motorway” Evgenia Gavaise & Theodoros Tzaveas, - Egnatia Odos AE – Greece

“Lateral Bearings for Cable Supported Bridges” Gian Colato, Francesco Tomaselli & Samuele Infanti. - FIP Industriale – Italy

”Modern Sliding Finger Joints-Minimizing Traffic Management Problems” Gianni Moor, - Mageba SA Switzerland

“Modular Bridge Expansion Joint Dynamics” Eric J. Ancich & Paul Bradford - Roads and Traffic Authority of NSW Australia / Watson Bowman Acme, Inc.

”New High Performance Sliding Material for Structural Bearings” Christian Braun & Rainer Roos - Maurer Soehne, Ines Hoppe - Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik – Germany

“Plock Cable-Stayed Bridge Spherical Bearings With Exceptional 110 MN (24 730 kips) Capacity” Andrzej Niemierko, Roberto Dalpedri & Krzysztof Berger - Road and Bridge Research Institute – Poland

“Rubber Bearings with Built-In Load Monitoring System” M. Gabriela Castellano, Silvio DeToni, Samuele Infanti & Gian Paolo Colato - FIP Industriale – Italy

“Seismic Bearings for the New Benicia Bridge” Ganapathy Murugesh & Jan Krizek - TY Lin – USA

“Seismic Isolation Retrofit of A 2.3 KM Long Concrete Viaduct Structure Crossing An Active Fault in Turkey” Anoop S. Mokha & Victor A. Zayas - Earthquake Protection Systems – USA

”State of the Art on Research and Application of Seismic Isolation Rubber Bearings System for Concrete Structures in China Fu Lin Zhou, P. Tang, Q. L. Xiang, X.Y. Huan & Z. Yang – Guangzhou University - China

“State-of-The Practice on Expansion Joints and Elastomeric Bearings in Brazil” Carlos Siqueira – Consulting Engineer – Brazil

"Study Of The Expansion Of A Steel And Concrete Composite Bridge" Michel Fragnet & Jacky Seantier – Ministry of Transports/Freyssinet-France

“Substructured Pseudodynamic and Cyclic Tests on a Seismic Protection System Including Steel-Teflon Sliding Bearings and Fluid Viscous Devices” Stefano Sorace, Gloria Terenzi, Georges Magonette & Francisco J. Molina - Univ of Udine/Univ of Florence/ELSA Laboratory – Italy

“Testing of Movement Joints for Concrete Box Walls” Ian R. Goodchild, Alan H. Muhr,Ian J. Stephens, & Julian Crawley-Rubber Consultants/Cementation Foundations Skanska Ltd.

“The European Standard EN 1337 on Structural Bearings" Agostino Marioni - ALGA SpA – Italy

“The European Standard on Anti Seismic Devices” Renzo Medeot & Mauro Dolce - Seismic Engineering Consultant – Italy

”The Expansion Joints for Runway D of the Haneda Airport” Agostino Marioni, Pietro Marioni, Koji Kato & Yuji Niihara - ALGA SpA – Italy

“The Replacement of the Expansion Joints on the Alex Fraser Bridge” Eric de Fleuriot, Don McCulloch & Bill Szto - Earth Tech/ British Columbia Ministry of Transportation - Canada

“The Sliding Isolation Pendulum” Renzo Medeot & Christian Braun - Seismic Engineering Consultant/Maurer Sohne – Italy/Germany

"Use of Post Tensioned Bolts In Modern Expansion Joints” Philippe Salmon & Andre Coudret – Freyssinet – USA

“Viscous Dampers Recent Major Applications in European Bridges” Samuele Infanti, Telemachos Tsiknias, M. Gabriella Castellano & Francesco Tomaselli - FIP Industriale – Italy


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