E-4(12) Chemical Admixtures for Concrete

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This document discusses commonly used chemical admixtures for concrete and describes the basic use of these admixtures. It is targeted at those in the concrete industry not involved in determining the specific mixture proportions of concrete or in measuring the properties of the concrete. Students, craftsmen, inspectors, and contractors may find this a valuable introduction to a complex topic. The document is not intended to be a state-of-the-art report, user’s guide, or a technical discussion of past and present research findings.


Document Details

Author: ACI Committee E701

Publication Year: 2013

Pages: 17


Categories: Admixtures

Formats: PDF or Kindle

Table of Contents

Chapter 1—Introduction


1.2—Definitions and glossary

Chapter 2—Overview


2.2—Effectiveness and compatibility


Chapter 3—Air-entraining admixtures



3.3—Use of air-entraining admixtures

3.4—Properties of entrained air

3.5—Handling and testing of air-entrained concrete

Chapter 4—Water-reducing and set-controlling admixtures

4.1—Types and composition

4.2—Type A, water-reducing admixtures

4.3—Type B, retarding, and Type D, water-reducing and retarding admixtures

4.4—Type C, accelerating, and Type E, water-reducing and accelerating admixtures

4.5—High-range, water-reducing admixtures

4.6—Mid-range, water-reducing admixtures

4.7—Admixtures for self-consolidating concrete

4.8—Admixtures for slump and workability retention

Chapter 5— Specialty admixtures

5.1—Corrosion-inhibiting admixtures

5.2—Shrinkage-reducing admixtures

5.3—Admixtures for controlling alkali-silica reactivity

5.4—Admixtures for underwater concrete

5.5—Admixtures for cold weather

5.6—Permeability reducing admixtures

Chapter 6—Admixture dispensers

6.1—Industry requirements and dispensing methods

6.2—Accuracy requirements

6.3—Application considerations and compatibility

6.4—Field and truck mounted dispensers

6.5—Dispenser maintenance

Chapter 7—Conclusion

Chapter 8—References

8.1—Cited references

8.2—List of relevant ASTM standards


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