COL-7(18): Volume 7 & Index ACI Collection of Concrete Codes, Specifications, and Practices

COL-7(18): Volume 7 & Index ACI Collection of Concrete Codes, Specifications, and Practices

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The ACI Collection of Concrete Codes, Specifications, and Practices volumes are issued annually and include the latest ACI standards and committee reports when published.

Part 1 — ACI 117-10(15) to ACI 224.2R-92(04)

Part 2 — ACI 224.3R-95(13) to ACI 313-16

Part 3 — ACI 314R-16 to ACI 341.2R-14

Part 4 — ACI 341.3R-07 to ACI 350-06

Part 5 — ACI 350.1-10 to ACI 370R-14

Part 6 — ACI 371R-16 to ACI 441R-96

Part 7 — ACI 445R-99(15) to ACI 544.5R-10

Part 8 — ACI 544.6R-15 to ITG-9R-16


Document Details

Publication Year: 2017

Pages: 0

Categories: ACI Collection

Formats: Printed Document

Table of Contents

445R-99 Reapproved 2015 Recent Approaches to Shear Design of Structural Concrete, Part 7

445.1R-12 Report on Torsion in Structural Concrete, Part 7

446.1R-91 Reapproved 1999 Fracture Mechanics of Concrete: Concepts, Models and Determination of Material Properties (Abstract only), Part 7

446.3R-97 Finite Element Analysis of Fracture in Concrete Structures, Part 7

503.3-10 Specification for Producing a Skid-Resistant Surface on Concrete by the Use of Epoxy and Aggregate, Part 7

503.4-92 Reapproved 2003 Standard Specification for Repairing Concrete with Epoxy Mortars, Part 7

503.5R-92 Reapproved 2003 Guide for the Selection of Polymer Adhesives with Concrete, Part 7

503.7-07 Specification for Crack Repair by Epoxy Injection, Part 7

506R-16 Guide to Shotcrete, Part 7

506.1R-08 Guide to Fiber-Reinforced Shotcrete, Part 7

506.2-13 Specification for Shotcrete, Part 7

506.4R-94 Reapproved 2004 Guide for the Evaluation of Shotcrete, Part 7

506.5R-09 Reapproved 2016 Guide for Specifying Underground Shotcrete, Part 7

506.6T-17 Visual Shotcrete Core Quality Evaluation, Part 7

515.2R-13 Guide to Selecting Protective Treatments for Concrete, Part 7

522R-10 Reapproved 2011 Report on Pervious Concrete, Part 7

522.1-13 Specification for Pervious Concrete Pavement, Part 7

523.1R-06 Guide for Cast-in-Place Low-Density Cellular Concrete, Part 7

523.2R-96 Guide for Precast Cellular Concrete Floor, Roof, and Wall Units, Part 7

523.3R-14 Guide for Cellular Concretes above 50 lb/ft3 (800 kg/m3), Part 7

523.4R-09 Guide for Design and Construction with Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Panels, Part 7

524R-16 Guide to Portland Cement-Based Plaster, Part 7

530-13/TMS 402-13/ASCE 5-13

Building Code Requirements for Masonry Structures, Part 7

530.1-13/TMS 602-13/ASCE 6-13

Specification for Masonry Structures, Part 7

533R-11 Guide for Precast Concrete Wall Panels, Part 7

543R-12 Guide to Design, Manufacture, and Installation of Concrete Piles, Part 7

544.1R-96 Reapproved 2009 Report on Fiber Reinforced Concrete, Part 7

544.2R-17 Report on the Measurement of Fresh State Properties and Fiber Dispersion of Fiber-Reinforced Concrete, Part 7

544.3R-08 Guide for Specifying, Proportioning, and Production of Fiber-Reinforced Concrete, Part 7

544.4R-88 Reapproved 2009 Design Considerations for Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete, Part 7

544.5R-10 Report on the Physical Properties and Durability of Fiber-Reinforced Concrete, Part 7


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