ACI PRC-421.2-10 Guide to Seismic Design of Punching Shear Reinforcement in Flat Plates

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During an earthquake, the unbalanced moments transferred at flat plate-column connections can produce significant shear stresses that increase the vulnerability of these connections to brittle punching shear failure. This guide provides recommendations for designing flat plate-column connections with sufficient ductility to withstand lateral drift without punching shear failure or loss of moment transfer capacity. This guide treats reinforced concrete flat plates with or without post-tensioning.

Keywords: ductility; flat plate; post-tensioning; punching shear; seismic design; shear reinforcement; stud shear reinforcement.


Document Details

Author: Joint ACI-ASCE Comm 421

Publication Year: 2010

Pages: 30

ISBN: 9780870313745

Categories: Shear

Formats: PDF

This document is Historical

Table of Contents

Chapter 1—Introduction





Chapter 2—Notation and definitions



Chapter 3—Lateral story drift

3.1—Lateral-force-resisting systems

3.2—Limits on story drift ratio

3.3—Effects of gravity loads on story drift capacity

3.4—Design recommendations for flat plates with and without shear reinforcement

Chapter 4—Minimum shear and integrity reinforcements in flat plates

Chapter 5—Assessment of ductility

Chapter 6—Unbalanced design moment

6.1—Frame analysis

6.2—Simplified elastic analysis

6.3—Upper limit for Mu

Chapter 7—Design of shear reinforcement

7.1—Strength design

7.2—Summary of design steps

7.3—ACI 318 provisions

Chapter 8—Post-tensioned flat plates


8.2—Sign convention

8.3—Post-tensioning effects

8.4—Effective compressive stress fpc

8.5—Extension of punching shear design procedure to

post-tensioned flat plates

8.6—Research on post-tensioned flat plates

Chapter 9—References

9.1—Referenced standards and reports

9.2—Cited references

Appendix A—Verification of proposed minimum amount of shear reinforcement for earthquake resistant flat plate-column connections

Appendix B—Verification of upper limit to unbalanced moment to be used in punching shear design

Appendix C—Notes on properties of shear-critical section

C.1—Second moments of area

C.2—Equations for γv

Appendix D—Design examples


D.2—Example 1: Interior flat plate-column connection

D.3—Example 2: Edge flat plate-column connection

D.4—Example 3: Corner flat plate-column connection

D.5—Example 4: Use of stirrups—Interior flat platecolumn connection

D.6—Example 5: Interior flat plate-column connection of Example 1, repeated using SI units

D.7—Post-tensioned flat plate structure

D.8—Example 6: Post-tensioned flat plate connection with interior column

D.9—Example 7: Post-tensioned flat plate connection with edge column

Appendix E—Conversion factor


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