365.1R-00: Service-Life Prediction

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This report presents information on the service-life prediction of new and existing concrete structures. This information is important to both the owner and the design professional. Important factors controlling the service life of concrete and methodologies for evaluating the condition of the existing concrete structures, including definitions of key physical properties, are also presented. Techniques for predicting the service life of concrete and the relationship between economics and the service life of structures are discussed. The examples provided discuss which service-life techniques are applied to concrete structures or structural components. Finally, needed developments are identified.

Keywords: construction; corrosion; design; durability; rehabilitation; repair; service life.


Document Details

Author: ACI Committee 365

Publication Year: 2002

Pages: 44

ISBN: 9780870313912

Categories: Durability

Formats: PDF

This document is Historical

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - Introduction

1.1 - Background

1.2 - Scope

1.3 - Document use

Chapter 2 - Environment, design, and construction considerations

2.1 - Introduction

2.2 - Environmental considerations

2.3 - Design and structural loading considerations

2.4 - Interaction of structural load and environmental effects

2.5 - Construction-related considerations

Chapter 3 - In-service inspection, condition assessment, and remaining service life

3.1 - Introduction

3.2 - Evaluation of reinforced concrete aging or degradation effects

3.2 - Condition, structural, and service-life assessments

3.4 - Inspection and maintenance

Chapter 4 - Methods for predicting the service life of concrete

4.1 - Introduction

4.2 - Approaches for predicting service life of new concrete

4.3 - Prediction of remaining service life

4.4 - Predictions based on extrapolations

4.5 - Summary

Chapter 5 - Economic considerations

5.1 - Introduction

5.2 - Economic analysis methods

5.3 - Economic issues involving service life of concrete structures

Chapter 6 - Examples of service-life techniques

6.1 - Example I - Relationship of amount of steel corrosion to time of concrete spalling

6.2 - Example II - Comparison of competing degradation mechanisms to calculate remaining life

6.3 - Example III - Utilization of multiple input to calculate the life of a structure

6.4 - Example IV - When to repair, when to rehabilitate

6.5 - Example V - Utilization of reaction rate to calculate the life of a sewer pipe

6.6 - Example VI - Estimating service life and maintenance demands of a diaphram wall exposed to saline groundwater

6.7 - Example VII - Application of time-dependent reliability concepts to a concrete slab and low-rise shear wall

Chapter 7 - Ongoing work and needed developments

7.1 - Introduction

7.2 - Designing for durability

Chapter 8 - References

8.1 - Referenced standards and reports

8.2 - Cited References


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