308-92 Standard Practice for Curing Concrete (ACI 308-92)(Reapproved 1997)

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** WITHDRAWN DOCUMENT - This document has been discontinued by ACI and is available for informational purposes only.


Curing is the maintaining of a satisfactory moisture content and temperature in concrete during its early stages so that desited properties may develop. Basic principles of curing are stated; commonly accepted methods procedures, and materials are described . Requirements are given for curing pavements and other slabs on ground; for structures and buildings; and for mass concrete For each of these categories, methods, materials time, and temperature of curing are stated Curing requirementsfor precast products, shotcrete, preplaced-aggregate concrete, refractory concrete, plaster, and other applications are given.

Keywords: bridges (structures); builings cement-base paints; cold-weather construction; concrete construction; concrete pavements; concretes; curing;curing compounds; curing films and sheets; hot-weather construction; insulating concrete; insulation; mass concrete; moist curing; plaster; precast concrete; refractory concretes; reinforced concrete; sealers; shells (stuctural forms); shotcrete; slab-on-ground construction; slipform construction; standards; steam curing; stucco.


Document Details

Author: ACI Committee 308

Publication Year: 2017

ISBN: 9780870310126

Categories: Curing

Formats: PDF

This document is Withdrawn

Table of Contents

Chapter l-Introduction and referenced standards


1.2-Need for curing

1.2.1-Satisfactory moisture content

1.2.2-Favorable temperature

1.3-Referenced standards

1.3.1-ASTM Standards

1.3.2-ACI Standards and Reports

1.3.3-AASHTO Materials Standards

Chapter 2-Curing methods and materials


2.2-Water curing

2.2.1-Ponding or immersion

2.2.2-Fog spraying or sprinkling

2.2.3-Burlap, cotton mats, and rugs

2.2.4-Earth curing

2.2.5-Sand and sawdust

2.2.6-Straw or hay


2.3-Sealing materials

2.3. l-Plastic film

2.3.2-Reinforced paper

2.3.3-Liquid membrane-forming curing compounds

2.4-Cold weather protection and curing

2.5-Hot-weather curing

2.6-High-pressure steam curing

2.7-Low-pressure (or atmospheric-pressure)

steam curing

2.8--Evaluation of curing procedures

2.9-Criteria for effectiveness of curing

2.9. l-General

2.9.2-Strength basis

2.9.3-Maturity-factor basis

2.10-Minimum curing requirements

Chapter 3-Curing for different constructions

3.1-Pavements and other slabs on the ground


3.1.2-Curing procedures

3.1.3-Duration of curing

3.2-Structures and buildings

3.2. l-Scope

3.2.2-Curing procedures

3.2.3-Duration of curing and protection

3.3-Mass concrete


3.3.2-Temperature control

3.3.3-Methods and duration of curing

3.4-Other construction

3.4.1-Precast units

3.4.2-Vertical slipform construction


3.4.4-Refractory concrete

3.4.5-Cement paint, stucco, and plaster

3.4.6-Shell structures

3.4.7-Insulating concrete

3.4.8-Concrete with colored or metallic surfaces


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