216R-89: Guide for Determining the Fire Endurance of Concrete Elements (Reapproved 2001)

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**WITHDRAWN DOCUMENT - This document has been discontinued by ACI and is available for informational purposes only.


This guide for determining the fire resistance of concrete elements is a summary of practical information intended for use by architects, engineers, and building officials who must design concrete structures for particular fire resistance or evaluate structures as designed. The guide contains information for determining the fire endurance of simply supported slabs and beams, continuous beams and , floors and roofs in which restraint to thermal expansion occurs, walls, and reinforced concrete columns. Information is also given for determining the fire endurance of certain concrete members based on heat transmission criteria. Appendices giving the properties of steel and concrete at high temperatures and temperature distributions within concrete members exposed to fire are also included. A selected bibliography is included.

Keywords: acceptability; beams (supports), columns (supports); compressive strength; concrete slabs, creep properties; heat transfer; fire ratings; fire resistance; fire tests; masonry walls; modulus of elasticity; normalized heat load; prestressed concrete; prestressing steels; reinforced concrete; reinforcing steels; reliability; stress-strain relationship; structural design; temperature distribution; thermal conductivity; thermal diffusivity; thermal expansion; thermal properties; walls.


Document Details

Author: ACI Committee 216

Publication Year: 2017

Pages: 48


Categories: Fire Resistance

Formats: PDF

This document is Withdrawn

Table of Contents

Chapter 1--General


1.2--Definitions and notation

1.3--Standard fire tests of building construction and


1.4--Application of design principles

Chapter 2--Fire endurance of concrete slabs and beams

2.1--Simply supported (unrestrained) slabs and beams

2.2--Continuous beams and slabs

2.3--Fire endurance of floors and roofs in which restraint to

thermal expansion occurs

2.4--Heat transmission

Chapter 3--Fire endurance of walls


3.2--Plain and reinforced concrete walls

3.3--Concrete masonry walls

Chapter 4--Reinforced concrete columns


Chapter 5--Properties of steel at high temperatures


5.2--Modulus of elasticity

5.3--Thermal expansion

5.4--Stress-strain relationships


Chapter 6--Properties of concrete at high temperatures

6.1--Compressive strength

6.2--Linear thermal expansion

6.3--Modulus of elasticity and shear modulus

6.4--Poisson's ratio

6.5--Stress-strain relationships

6.6--Stress relaxation and creep

6.7--Thermal conductivity, specific heat, and thermal


Chapter 7--Temperature distribution within concrete members

exposed to a standard fire


7.2--Rectangular and tapered joists

7.3--Double T units

7.4--Masonry units


Chapter 8--Examples

Chapter 9--References

9.1--Documents of standards-producing organizations

9.2--Cited references

Appendix--Design of building elements for prescribed level of

fire safety


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