126.3R-99: Guide to Recommended Format for Concrete in Materials Property Database(Reapproved 2008)

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**WITHDRAWN DOCUMENT - This document has been discontinued by ACI and is available for informational purposes only.


This guide presents recommended formats for concrete materials property data for entry into computerized databases. The purpose of this guide is to facilitate efficient storage and retrieval of information about concrete and its constituents with a computer and allow meaningful comparison of data from different sources. It is intended for use by those responsible for planning and maintaining a concrete materials property database as well as those who enter data. Recommended formats are provided for organizing and subdividing information about hydraulic cements, aggregates, chemical admixtures, mineral admixtures, fibers, water, concrete processing, and concrete properties and performance suitable for use in developing a computerized database. ACI committee 126 developed this guide to be consistent with the principles of ASTM Committee E-49, Computerization of Material and Chemical Property Data. Before computers can replace laboratory notebooks and published reports as a more efficient means for storing and retrieving concrete materials property data, recording standards are needed. The recommended formats in this guide are a first step toward fulfilling this need.

Keywords: admixtures; aggregates; cements; concretes; database management;

materials property database; fibers; recommended format.


Document Details

Author: ACI Committee 235

Publication Year: 2017

Pages: 50

ISBN: 9780870314803

Categories: Materials

Formats: PDF

This document is Withdrawn

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - Scope

1.1 Introduction

1.2 Objective

1.3 Use of guide

Chapter 2 - General Database Terminology

Chapter 3 - General Formats

3.1 Units

3.2 Standards-producing organization information

3.3 Temperature

3.4 Data & time

Chapter 4 - Concrete Identification

4.1 Concrete designation

4.2 Concrete supplier

4.3 Constituent designation

4.4 Concrete mixture proportions

4.5 Concrete processing

4.6 Concrete property

Chapter 5 - Hydraulic Cement

5.1 Hydraulic cement designation

5.2 Hydraulic cement processing

5.3 Hydraulic composition & characterictics

5.4 Hydraulic cement performance in concrete

Chapter 6 - Aggregates

6.1 Aggregate designation

6.2 Composition & characteristics

6.3 Aggregate performance in concrete

Chapter 7 - Chemical Admixtures

7.1 Chemical admixture designation

7.2 Composition & characteristics

7.3 Manufacturer recommendations

7.4 Chemical admixture performance in concrete

Chapter 8 - Mineral Admixtures

8.1 Mineral admixture designation

8.2 Composition & characteristics

8.3 Manufacturer recommendations

8.4 Mineral admixture performance in concrete

Chapter 9 - Fibers

9.1 Fiber designation

9.2 Composition & characteristics

9.3 Manufacturer recommendations

9.4 Fiber performance in concrete

Chapter 10 - Water

10.1 Water designations

10.2 Composition & characteristics

10.3 Water performance in concrete

Chapter 11 - Concrete Processing

11.1 Project information

11.2 Concrete specification

11.3 Concrete supplier

11.4 Concrete mixture proportions

11.5 Concrete batching

11.6 Concrete mixing

11.7 Concrete Transportation

11.8 Concrete placement

11.9 Concrete consolidation

11.10 Concrete finishing

11.11 Concrete curing

11.12 Concrete processing environment

Chapter 12 - Properties & Performances of Concrete

12.1 Concrete property

12.2 Constituent property

Chapter 13 - References

13.1 Recommended references

13.2 Cited references

Chapter 14 - Figures & Tables



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