Technical Documents

Technical Documents

ACI technical committees disseminate information through consensus-based publications within the scope of a committee’s mission. These publications are referred to as technical documents.

There are two general types of ACI technical documents: standards and nonstandards. 

ACI Standards

Standardization is the most rigorous consensus process used by ACI. ACI standards are written in mandatory language. There are typically two types of ACI Standards – design standards and construction standards.

Design Standards

Design standards are directed to the design professional, not the construction team. ACI design standards incude, code requirements, code cases, acceptance criteria, and design specifications.

Construction Standards

ACI construction specifications are written to direct the producers, testing agencies, and construction team, not the design professional.  ACI construction standards include construction specifications and material specifications.


Guides and Reports

ACI guides are written in non-mandatory language and present committee recommendations for analysis, design, specifying, selection, evaluation, testing, construction, or repair of concrete materials or structures. ACI reports provide information on concrete technology in the committee's area of expertise.


TechNotes are narrowly focused, single-topic guides, usually practice oriented. A TechNote presents specific direction on a particular issue, and may contain pictures, figures, tables, and numeric examples.