Long-Term Durability of Silica Fume Structural Concrete, Shotcrete, Grout, and Slab Overlays


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Title: Long-Term Durability of Silica Fume Structural Concrete, Shotcrete, Grout, and Slab Overlays

Author(s): J. Wolsieffer and K. Clear

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 154


Appears on pages(s): 587-606

Keywords: bonding; chlorides; compressive strength; durability; electrical resistance; field tests; freeze thaw durability; grout; high-strength concretes; lightweight concretes; mix proportioning; permeability; resurfacing; shotcrete; shrinkage compensating cemen

Date: 5/1/1995

Presents the results of laboratory and field tests conducted by the authors over a twelve year period on the long-term durability performance of silica fume based concretes, shotcretes, grouts, and concrete slab overlays. The silica fume mixture proportions varied, from 2 to 22 percent of silica fume by weight of cement, and included normal portland cement, shrinkage compensating cement, normal weight and lightweight aggregates. Laboratory and field specimens were tested for compressive strength, bonding strength, chloride permeability, electrical resistivity, and freezing and thawing durability. The exhibited long-term performance characteristics indicate that silica fume based concretes, shotcretes, and grouts provide excellent protection to embedded reinforcing steel in chloride environments. As the materials age, they become stronger, lower in permeability, and higher in resistivity. Silica fume modified materials produce one of the best cementitious products available for adverse concrete environments.