Restrained Shrinkage Tests on Fiber Reinforced Cementitious Composites


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Title: Restrained Shrinkage Tests on Fiber Reinforced Cementitious Composites

Author(s): N. Banthia,, M. Azzabi, and M. Pigeon

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 155


Appears on pages(s): 137-152

Keywords: carbon; composite materials; cracking (fracturing);fibers; fiber reinforced concretes; polypropylene fibers; restraints; shrinkage; steels; Materials Research

Date: 8/1/1995

The usefulness of fiber reinforcement in improving the cracking resistance of cement-based materials under restrained shrinkage conditions is indisputable. In fact, in many instances, this may be the sole reason of adding fibers to concrete. In spite of this general recognition, there is no universally accepted technique of demonstrating or quantifying the effectiveness of fibers under the conditions of restrained shrinkage. This paper describes a newly developed technique in which prismatic specimens with a linear restraint along the longitudinal axis are subjected to a drying environment such that conditions of uniaxial tension are generated. The specimen cracks under these conditions; if fiber reinforcement is present, the influence of fibers on the cracking pattern can be established. Results with seven types of fibers are presented. Based on the observations of the crack patterns, a "fiber efficiency factor" is proposed which appears to be an appropriate basis for characterizing the fibers.