Form pressures: Theory and field measurements


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Title: Form pressures: Theory and field measurements

Author(s): T. A. Harrison

Publication: Concrete International

Volume: 5

Issue: 12

Appears on pages(s): 23-28

Keywords: admixtures; formwork (construction); measurements; pore-water pressure; pressure; slags; theo-ries; underwater construction.

Date: 12/1/1983

The distribution of the pressure exerted by fresh concrete against a vertical form face can be explained by the pore water pressure theory, which provides a sound basis for interpreting site data. However, at the stage when formwork is designed, information on some factors that influence form pressures may not be available. The present ACI Committee 347 method can be applied without modification to concretes. with Type I cement and water reducers but not to concretes containing a high proportion of slag. The form pressures from superplasticized concretes follow the same pattern as normal concretes, but it is premature to claim that the present ACI method can be used to estimate pressure from such concretes.