How Accurately Steel be Placed?


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Title: How Accurately Steel be Placed?

Author(s): P. R. Morgan, T. E. Neg, N. H. M. Smith, and G. D. Base

Publication: Concrete International

Volume: 4

Issue: 10

Appears on pages(s): 54-65

Keywords: building codes; concrete construction; flat concrete slabs; quality control; reinforced concrete; reinforcing steels; standards; tolerances (mechanics).

Date: 10/1/1982

Presents the results of an investigation into the pre-pour placement precision of reinforcement in office building rectangular slabs. A detailed analysis of site measurements is made to test the compliance of site placement with code requirements in America and Australia. Variations in placement of top and bottom bars, workmanship, and builder performance are noted and demonstrate the greater practicality of the . American code requirements.