Minimum Standard Requirements for Precast Concrete Floor Units


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Title: Minimum Standard Requirements for Precast Concrete Floor Units

Author(s): ACI Committee 711

Publication: Journal Proceedings

Volume: 43

Issue: 10

Appears on pages(s): 133-146

Keywords: none

Date: 10/1/1946

These minimum standard requirements are to be used as supplements to the ACI Building Regulations for Reinforced Concrete (ACI 318-41). With respect to design for strength, i.e., for bending moment, bond and shear stresses, all types shall be designed in accord with standard reinforced design theory and ACI 318-41. With respect to cover, there is in some cases departure therefrom justified by the greater refinement in the finished product when made by factory methods with factory control. Precast ;Floor systems with l-beam type and hollow core type joists are covered. Appendix contains applicable sections of the ACI code (ACI 318-41).