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Title: Developments in Methods of Testing and Specifying Coarse Aggregates

Author(s): Lewis H. Tuthill

Publication: Journal Proceedings

Volume: 39


Appears on pages(s): 21-32


Date: 9/1/1942

In suggesting a different basis for testing the screening of coarse aggregate, emphasis and restriction are placed on that portion of the undersize material which is most detrimental to the production of uniform, high quality concrete. Clean separation on a production basis is impracticable; some materiaI slightly smaller or slightly larger than the designated nominal size range of coarse aggregate size fraction can be allowed without perceptible ill effect on the concrete. Characteristics of the undersize and common practice in the screening and handling of aggregates are discussed. A test for determination of only the significant (obiectionable) portion of the nominal undersize is submitted, and a specification based on this test.


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