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Title: Fifth Report On Column Tests At Lehigh University

Author(s): Inge Lyse

Publication: Journal Proceedings

Volume: 29


Appears on pages(s): 433-442

Keywords: none

DOI: 10.14359/8287

Date: 6/1/1933

Results of Series 4 of the ACI column investigation tests on the amount of load a reinforced concrete column will sustain indefinitely. A total of 28 columns were included in this series. The number of tests was inadequate for drawing final conclusions but the results indicated that (a) the longitudinal reinforcement will carry its full yield-point stress at strains far beyond the yield-point strain, (b) the strength of the column was not decreased by being strained far beyond the yield point of its steel before the loading to failure) will probably carry nearly 80 percent of col a reinforced concretecolumn (tied or spiral its ultimate load for an indefinite time.


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