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Title: A Summary of the Results of Investigations Having To Do With Volumetric Changes In Cements, Mortars And Concretes, Due To Causes Other Than Stress

Author(s): Raymond E. Davis

Publication: Journal Proceedings

Volume: 26


Appears on pages(s): 407-443

Keywords: none

DOI: 10.14359/8160

Date: 2/1/1930

Presents in concise form the results of the investigations (prior to 1930 having to do with principal volume changes of concrete caused by variations in moisture and temperature conditions. Observed hygral volume change is affected by the composition and fineness of cement, mix proportions, type and gradation of aggre-gate, admixtures, consistency, moisture conditions, age, size and shape of mass, method of mixing and placing, absorptiveness of molds, and amount and distribution of reinforcement. Thermal expansion is affected by age of concrete, type of aggregate, type of cement, richness of mix, consistency, temperature range, moisture condition of concrete, and freezing and thawing.


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