Prediction and Control of Stresses in Concrete


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Title: Prediction and Control of Stresses in Concrete

Author(s): Frederick 0. Ruud

Publication: Journal Proceedings

Volume: 62

Issue: 1

Appears on pages(s): 95-104

Keywords: analysis, block, concrete, control, cooling, cracking, dam, prediction, stress, tensile strength, thermal gradient, thermal stress

Date: 1/1/1965

Development of criteria for the prediction of thermal stresses in concrete dam construction block during cooling operations prior to grouting is outlined. A new concept is presented concerning the tensile stress within a block which includes the ratio of the height of the temperature transition zone to the base length of the block being cooled. It is shown that high temperature gradients in a concrete block will lead to excessive tensile stresses resulting in cracking of the block. Control of the maximum stress may be achieved through cooling operations leading to acceptable temperature gradients. Several curves are given for prediction of maximum tensile stress as a function of base length, height of temperature transition zone, temperature change, and properties of the concrete.