Curing Effects on Expansion and Mechanical Behavior of Expansive Cement Concrete


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Title: Curing Effects on Expansion and Mechanical Behavior of Expansive Cement Concrete

Author(s): Vitelmo V. Bertero

Publication: Journal Proceedings

Volume: 64

Issue: 2

Appears on pages(s): 84-96

Keywords: age; chemical prestressing; compressive strength; concretes; curing; expanding cements; expansion; mechanical properties; prestressed concrete; prestressing; research; stiffness; strains; stresses.

Date: 2/1/1967

Reports the results obtained in two investigations on uniaxially restrained prismatic expansive cement concrete specimens. The object was to find out how the expansion and mechanical behavior of expansive concrete are affected by curing age and by delay in water curing. Curing age - The mechanical characteristics of expansive cement concrete appear to be affected by the curing age in a manner different from that experienced with conventional concrete. Results show that there is a considerable drop in strength and stiffness after a certain age. The main reason for this drop appears to be the large transverse expansion that occurs after 12 days. Results also indicate that the initial power of expansion of the concrete mix used is considerably affected by the age of the expansive componet. Delay in water curing - Histories of longitudinal and transverse expansion during curing, as well as stress-strain relationship of concrete during compressive tests, indicate that by delaying water curing (1) longitudinal and transverse expansion stops by 24 hr, (2) loss in final longitudinal and transverse expansion is small, and (3) compressive strength is not affected, but stiffness is reduced.