Progress Report on Code Clauses for "Limit Design"


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Title: Progress Report on Code Clauses for "Limit Design"

Author(s): ACI-ASCE Committee 428

Publication: Journal Proceedings

Volume: 65

Issue: 9

Appears on pages(s): 713-720

Keywords: bending moments;building codes;limit design method (structural);reinforced concrete;strains;structural analysis;structural design;ultimate strength method (structural).

Date: 9/1/1968

ACI-ASCE Committee 428, Limit Design, has prepared "model clauses" in the area of its assigned mission. This report presents an amended and editorially corrected version of the fifth draft of the model clauses, and represents the committee’s present progress in a continuing effort. The model clauses presented can be used as the provisions for inelastic design in any code, but they are presented within the context of ACI 318-63 to give them a specific frame of reference. The committee presents them as if they were an additional chapter of the ACI Code in Part IV-B. Following the model chapter, a commentary is presented which discusses each "section" of the chapter. The suggested model clauses define envelopes, or upper and lower limits, rather than a single method of design. There is a section, however, which presents conditions to be satisfied regardless of method used. The model clauses can be used for each of the methods presented in recent years with only minor additions or adjustments to the method.