Experimental Studies of Prestressed Thin Plate Structures


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Title: Experimental Studies of Prestressed Thin Plate Structures

Author(s): John F. Brotchie

Publication: Journal Proceedings

Volume: 77

Issue: 2

Appears on pages(s): 87-95

Keywords: concrete panels; concrete slabs; creep properties; deflection; flat concrete plates; hyperbolic parabolic shells; loads (forces); models; moments;optimization;prestressed concrete;prestressing steels;research; shells (structural forms);structural design.

Date: 3/1/1980

This paper desciribes experimental studies of two thin prestressed ocncrete structures designd for controlled performance under service loads. The first of these is a flat plate structure with rectangular panels and this is considered in particular. This study complements theoretical studies of flat plate structures conduted in the CSIRO devision of Building Research, Australia, shic lead to the development of simple direct design techniques. It describes a third scale model of a prestressed flat plate structure with draped tendons designed in accordance with these direct design techniques. The plate was tested initially inder long-term constant uniform loading and finally under short-term incremented uniform loading to failure. The other structure was a hyperbnolic parabolic shell which differed in that the cocrete section was of variable thickness, the middle surface was curved, and the dircet design techniques and its long-term performance under service loading is reported. In each case, performance was closely controlled through the direct design techniques and compares well with the design criteria adopted.