Design of Prestressed Fiber Reinforced Concrete Beams for Impact


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Title: Design of Prestressed Fiber Reinforced Concrete Beams for Impact

Author(s): B. P. Hughes

Publication: Journal Proceedings

Volume: 78

Issue: 4

Appears on pages(s): 276-281

Keywords: beams (supports); compressive strength; cracking (fracturing); fiber reinforced concretes; flexural strength; impact; impact strength; load-deflection curve; metal fibers; moment-curvature relationships; physical properties;

Date: 7/1/1981

A major advantage of fiber reinforcements is their ability to absorb energy and control cracking so as to transform an essentially brittle cement-based matrix into a ductile material. Any increases in the tensile, compressive, or flexural strengths which are provided by the fibers, although important in thin slabs and overlays, are often of secondary concern since increases in flexural strength of concrete beams, in particular, can generally be provided much more economically with conventional steel reinforcement. Thus, if fiber reinforce-men t is used in conjunction with conven tional bar or prestressed reinforcement, a material with high resistance to cracking, high static strength and high impact resistance can be obtained. Relevant properties of fiber reinforced concrete and methods of assessing fiber efficiencies are examined, and guidance for designing prestressed plain and fiber reinforced concretes for impact is presented.