High-Rise System Developments in Concrete


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Title: High-Rise System Developments in Concrete

Author(s): Hallyengar

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 97


Appears on pages(s): 1-24


Date: 2/1/1987

Developments in concrete high-rise buildings have undergone a dramatic evolutionary change in the last twenty-five years. Simple systems, such as shear wall buildings that were exclusively used prior to the 1960’s, have been transformed to a considerable number of systems suitable for commercial, residential and mixed uses up to 80 stories or more. In many cases, the reinforced concrete elements have been combined with structural steel to produce a more effective mixed system. The progressive development of higher-strength concrete together with advancement in mechanization of formwork and placement methods have fueled this systems development. The advantages offered by concrete, with respect to moldability for shaping as well as massivity and rigidity for structural purposes, have been exploited to the fullest. This paper is developed somewhat as a review of the systems developments that have occurred in the past twenty-five years together with discussion of some current appl icat ions.