Fly Ash Concretes in South-East Asia and Austrailia


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Title: Fly Ash Concretes in South-East Asia and Austrailia

Author(s): Vute Sirivivatnanon and E. U. Kidav

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 170


Appears on pages(s): 123-140

Keywords: Binders (materials); chlorides; fly ash; mineral admixtures; pozzolan; roller compacted concrete.

Date: 7/1/1997

This paper outlines the historical developments in the use of fly ash in Australia, Malaysia and Thailand. The slow but marked change in the philosophical approach to the use of fly ash concretes is discussed. With more focused research into the durability performance of fly ash concretes for specific environments in Malaysia and Australia, fly ash concretes in both countries are gaining acceptance into this new area of applications. This is also reflected in some of the most advanced specifications. It has been found that for concretes of equal 28-day strength, the use of fly ash in concretes resulted in a better resistance to chloride ingress. This was also shown in the lower coulomb values in the ASTM C 1202. Higher strength grade portland and fly ash concretes gave lower coulomb values. Other related work had shown that the use of fly ash could result in a lower corrosion rate of steel reinforcement in concretes. Hence a significantly longer service life could be expected from fly ash concretes compared with portland cement concretes of equal strength. In high-performance concretes, it has been found that the use of triple blends of either a slag or a silica fume added to the fly ash/Portland chloride resistance of the concretes. cement system could further enhance the