Prestressed Shotcrete-Steel Diaphragm Tanks


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Title: Prestressed Shotcrete-Steel Diaphragm Tanks

Author(s): Francis X. Crowley

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 14


Appears on pages(s): 109-122


Date: 3/1/1978

Noting the developments in the history of prestressed shotcrete tanks, the author emphasizes current practice for shotcreted prestressed tanks with steel diaphragms. The entire construction sequence from site preparation to surface finishing of the completed tank is described, including: floor construction followed by placing one of three types of floor-wall joints; erection and sealing of the steel diaphragm; shotcreting inside and outside core walls against. the diaphragm; constructing the wall-dome joint, erecting formwork, and shooting the dome; winding the prestressing wire; shooting the cover coat; and finally backfilling and finishing. Four rules for shooting a successful cover coat that will protect wire against corrosion are given, and use of test specimens cut from gunned panels is recommended.