Drying Shrinkage and Creep of High-Strength Concrete with Superplasticizer


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Title: Drying Shrinkage and Creep of High-Strength Concrete with Superplasticizer

Author(s): Shigeyoshi Nagataki and Asuo Yonekura

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 76


Appears on pages(s): 403-420

Keywords: admixtures; autoclaving; creep properties; drying shrinkage; high-strength concretes; plasticizers; steam curing; volume change; --water reducing agents.

Date: 10/1/1982

In this paper, drying shrinkage and creep test results of 200 high-strength concrete prismatic specimens with the strength of about 98.0 MPa (14.2 ksi), in which water-cement ratios were reduced to 20% by the use of superplasticizer, were experimentally analyzed and compared with those of normal-strength concrete. The drying shrinkage and creep of concrete specimens having three kinds of curing conditions at manufacture (standard, steam, and high pressure steam curing) were measured in air at 20°C and 50% R.H. and some in water at 20°C. The measurement of these volume change tests was continued for 800 days. Strains of prestressed concrete specimens during high pressure steam curing were also measured.