Design Aids for Predicting Long-Term Prestress losses Due to Creep and Shrinkage


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Title: Design Aids for Predicting Long-Term Prestress losses Due to Creep and Shrinkage

Author(s): G. Chadha

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 76


Appears on pages(s): 109-124

Keywords: creep properties; prestressed concrete; prestressing steels; prestress loss; shrinkage; strains; stress relaxation; structural analysis; structural design.

Date: 10/1/1982

A precise evaluation of prestress losses in prestressed concrete members is a simple but time-consuming problem. Nevertheless, design aids would be useful to engineers. This paper uses an iterative procedure for calculating the long-term losses. Tables for direct prediction of losses due to creep and shrinkage are presented. It uses available information on concrete creep and shrinkage and steel stress relaxation, and includes the effect of interaction of various factors contributing to the prestress losses. To illustrate the use of the tables, two numerical examples are included. The tables are applicable for all prestressed concrete structures such as buildings, bridges, or nuclear power plants. The manual computations being tedious and time consuming, the predicted prestress losses tables are highly accurate, as they are based on interaction computer program using increments of short duration.