Dynamic Tests of Model Concrete


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Title: Dynamic Tests of Model Concrete

Author(s): John Ferritto

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 73


Appears on pages(s): 23-34

Keywords: aggregate size; compressive strength; concretes; cylin-ders; dynamic modulus of elasticity; dynamic tests; gypsum; microconcretes; models; modulus of elasticity; strains.

Date: 3/1/1982

The objective of the paper is to evaluate the dynamic prop-erties of model materials. Dynamic tests were conducted on micro-concrete with no. 4 maximum aggregate size, and gypsum concrete with no. 4 maximum aggregate size. The effects of strain rate (up to 2.5 in. /in. /sec) on ultimate compressive strength were obtained. The results are compared with results of dynamic tests conducted on proto-type concrete by others. Microconcrete with a no. 4 maximum aggre-gate gives good correlation with prototype values of dynamic strength increase. The ratio of dynamic to static modulus of elasticity with increasing strain rate and dynamic strength increase factor also gives good correlation. Microconcrete experiences higher strains at ultimate load than the prototype. Gypsum concrete experiences dynamic strength increase factors of approximately half those of the prototype. It may be significant that the increase in modulus of elasticity with increasing strain rate for gypsum concrete is not similar to that of prototype concrete. Strains in gypsum concrete at ultimate load are slightly higher than those for prototype concrete.