High Lime Fly Ash as a Cementing Agent


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Title: High Lime Fly Ash as a Cementing Agent

Author(s): Michael G. Sullentrup and James W. Baldwin, Jr.

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 79


Appears on pages(s): 321-332

Keywords: abrasion resistance; (mass/volume); drying shrinkage hydration; lime fly ash; pozzol --- compressiv ; fly ash; -- an cements; e str ength;den freez e-thaw du reta rdants. sity rability;

Date: 5/1/1983

Modern power plants burning Wyoming low-sulfur coal produce fly ash which possesses cementitious properties in its own right. In regions where large tonnages of this material must be wasted, its cost may be even lower than that of aggregate. For certain applications it may be feasible to make concrete which utilizes this fly ash either as the only cementing agent or as the sole constituent. An experimental study was conducted to determine mechanical properties of this type concrete as related to its potential for use in agricultural erosion-control structures, Four series of laboratory tests were conducted with W/F (water to fly ash) and S/F (sand to fly ash) ratios as primary variables. 1. A series of 240 fifty-one mm by 102mm cylinders to determine 7, 14, 28, 56 and 112 day compressive strength. 2. A series of fifty-eight 51 x 51 x 260mm prisms for ASTM C-666 freeze-thaw and ASTM C-418 abrasion resistance tests. 3. Thirty-six 25 x 25 x 250mm prisms for ASTM C-596 shrinkage determination. 4. Relative heat of hydration rates were measured in nine mixes. Unit weights varied from 1900 kg/m 3 for fly ash alone to 2350 kg/m3 for sand-fly ash mixtures. Compressive strengths as high as 47 MPa were realized with fly ash alone while sand-fly ash mixtures reached strengths as high as 46 MPa. .