Practical Application of Computer Analysis to the Design of Reinforced Concrete Structures For Earthquake Forces


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Title: Practical Application of Computer Analysis to the Design of Reinforced Concrete Structures For Earthquake Forces

Author(s): Chris D. Poland

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 63


Appears on pages(s): 409-436

Keywords: computer programs; dynamic loads; dynamic structural analysis; earthquakes; earthquake resistant structures; finite element method; high-rise buildings; mathematical models; multi-story buildings; reinforced concrete; shearwalls; stiffness

Date: 8/1/1980

Numerous computer analysis techniques for use in the seismic design of reinforced concrete structures are available to the design engineer and are finding general use. Unfortunately, these techniques are not "exact". Rather, they are forced to make a large number of questionable assumptions about earthquake characteristics and building behavior. To the practicing engineer, whose complex structures and structural elements defy symmetry, regularity and simplicity, the valid use of such technique depends on a complete understanding of the analysis limitations and inaccuracies and requires constant review of the results for analysis generated errors. This paper, while presenting a practical analysis application, addresses the serious difficulties and the inherent inaccuracies encountered in applying the most commonly used computer analysis techniques to concrete shear wall buildings. It is based on the actual computer analyses of a variety of middle-rise concrete shear wall buildings performed over the past few years at H. J. Degenkolb & Associates. This paper, while it addresses and identifies the invalid results that can be easily produced, believed and designed for, in concrete shear wall building analysis, also provides usable techniques for identifying, adjusting and correcting the problems that are encountered. As such, it provides the practicing engineer with additional insight and understanding of his computer analysis techniques.