Grading Design of Sand for Ferrocement Mixes


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Title: Grading Design of Sand for Ferrocement Mixes

Author(s): Z. Raichvarger and M. Raphael

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 61


Appears on pages(s): 115-132

Keywords: aggregate gradation; cement content; ferrocement; fine aggregates; fineness modulus; mortars (material); sands; specific surface; water-cement ratio; water content; workability. --

Date: 8/1/1979

The influence of grading and maximum size of natural quartz sands on the workability of mortars was studied. Both the grading and fineness modulus were found to affect the water requirement. Graphs are presented for the effect of grading, specific surface of sand and cement content on water requirement in mortars made with sands of maximum size 2.4 and 1.2 mm, respectively, and grading zones are proposed for these sands. Optimal sand composition was also found for fine sand with maximum size 0.6 mm.