Survey of Mechanical Properties of Ferrocement as a Structural Material


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Title: Survey of Mechanical Properties of Ferrocement as a Structural Material

Author(s): Gordon B. Batson, Gajanan M. Sabnis, and Antoine E. Naaman

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 61


Appears on pages(s): 9-24

Keywords: (fracturing); compressive strength; construction materials; c ra c k crack width and spacing; fatigue(materials ferrocement; flexural strength; hydraulic cements;

Date: 8/1/1979

This is a summary of the mechanical properties of ferrocement as a structural material based on the state-of-the-art report being prepared by ACI Committee 549, Ferrocement. The mechanics of ferrocement is very complex because of the almost infinite variety of size, geometry, fabrication methods, orientation, yield and ultmate stress of the steel wire mesh reinforcement available. The specific surface area of the wire mesh appears to correlate well with the first crack strength and the spacing and number of cracks. The tensile, flexural and compressive strengths depend on the orientation of the mesh, technique of fabricating the mesh and its ultimate strength. It appears that the conventional methods of analysis for reinforced concrete can be used to calculate the flexural strength of ferrocement. Ferrocement has superior impact properties, but its fatigue strength may limit the otherwise high allowable stresses to which it could be subjected. A design approach based on allowable crack width for service loads seems to be practical.